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Key strategies for success – 15 Aug 2019, London

This session examines popular strategies and tips that successful people use to achieve what they want in life with the aim of helping you to think about how you can learn from these to support your career progress and gain greater satisfaction from what you do.

How to run a crowdfunding campaign – 18 Jul 2019, Bristol

If you suspect that there’s more to a successful crowdfunding campaign than putting your great idea online and waiting for the money to roll in, you’d be right. In this workshop, we’ll work though how to structure your own crowdfunding campaign to help you get the results you’re aiming for.

WEBINAR – Stop Procrastinating –
11am, 16 Jul 2019

This webinar will help you to understand why you are procrastinating and help you stop the rot so that you develop the most productive way of working that ensures that you concentrate your efforts in the areas that are most rewarding.

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