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FEU Training provides training, information, advice, guidance and skills development opportunities to support your freelance career in the creative industries.

Business Skills

Free workshops and webinars

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to offer live training workshops and webinars.
Please see our online training courses or view recordings of our previous webinars.

Case Studies - how we can help

Matt Helm, Musician

Everything I’ve attended has contributed to helping me streamline the admin side of the business by managing money, my confidence, resilience and time management – all of which lets me focus more on the music.

Matt Helm, Musician

Emma Sheppard, Journalist

Apart from the workshop content which was really useful, I enjoyed chatting to everyone there. It was such a lovely group and everyone was so friendly and supportive…the networking opportunities are fantastic.

Emma Sheppard, Journalist

Julia Titus, Actor and Singer

It is so easy to feel isolated when you are a creative freelance but the FEU Training workshops show you that you’re not alone. You meet so many great people from the arts in general and the courses really pick you up.

Julia Titus, Actor and Singer

William Gallagher, Writer

FEU Training courses are real and attended by working professionals. This results in a tangible, practical energy coming from a very focused group of people. It’s energising and invigorating to be part of.

William Gallagher, Writer

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Test yourself in English, Maths and ICT with a set of short quizzes devised by unionlearn (run by the TUC)
to help you to assess your skills level in these essential areas and consider where you might want to improve.

What can we do for you?

The Getting Down to Business programme helps freelances throughout England brush up on key business skills.

Whether it's through free training courses or providing freelance-focused information, there's plenty of support for our members both on and offline.

Digital Learning Centre

At FEU Training we’re aiming to improve your access to learning through our Digital Learning Centre.

With a range of e-learning opportunities from downloads to video tutorials, presented in short, bite-sized pieces, you can snack on knowledge whenever you have a spare 10 minutes.

Who’s Who in the FEU?

Under the FEU banner, the project is co-ordinated by Equity on behalf of Equity, the Musicians’ Union, the National Union of Journalists, BECTU and The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain.

The project is funded by unionlearn, the skills development branch of the Trades Union Congress.

Business skills training
for creative freelances