What is a ULA?

FREELANCE Union Learning Advisors (ULAs) play a crucial role in helping to bring learning and career development opportunities to freelance members.

Like staffers, freelances need to adapt their skills and acquire new skills to support career progression. However, freelances also face several additional challenges, such as the cost of training and access to relevant information.

For more information including research and case studies, see the Skills Focus handbook under Advice and Guidance.

The FEU is committed to helping freelances with these issues by providing a range of support, including affordable training and networking opportunities and a variety of information, advice and guidance, such as you'll find on this website.

With the help of their union, freelance ULAs assist in providing this support. For example, by giving information on skills development, sign posting members on to learning facilities and raising awareness of skills trends.

To find out more about becoming a freelance ULA. Contact your union officer.

For skills information and links. Go to Advice and Guidance.

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