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WELCOME to the FEU Training blog. Every month we will focus on subject areas that will help you overcome the challenges of freelance work.

10 Tips for Preparing for Interviews

Most of us have to attend interviews of some sort of to secure work. These may be a formal affair or a seemingly casual coffee/drink somewhere. Whichever is likely to be the case for you, we have some tips about

Taking on the learning curve

The one certain thing in a creative freelance life is that we have to be able and willing to deal with uncertainty. Whether it’s where our next job is coming from or what new skills we need to acquire when

10 Tips for Writing your CV

Your CV is a marketing tool. It’s how you catch the attention of a prospective client or employer and say, here I am, your ideal candidate! It’s a way of capturing the essence of you, or at least the professional

Could your economic ‘fix’ be your next source of income?

The saying “necessity is the mother of all invention”, is relevant to creative freelances because most of us don’t have huge lumps of spare cash tucked away to use whenever we need specialist or expert support, so instead we get…well…creative!

Getting to know you

I once worked with a young graduate called Sian, her CV was outstanding, she had a good degree in film making, had been very proactive undertaking multiple creative projects and she had some great work experience. When I read her

Happy New Year – your way

I USED to hit the beginning of every January like a lead balloon with a feeling that I couldn’t quite breathe – partially due to too much Christmas cake admittedly – but more to do with anxiety brought on by

Overcoming Freelance Challenges

Online Course - Overcoming Freelance Challenges

Ever noticed how most trains these days have an engine at the front and another at the back? So instead of having to turn the train round when the train reaches it’s destination, the driver just walks to the other end and drives back the way they came. This works really efficiently, the extra engine is justified by time saved and more efficient use of the tracks.

Diversify your Portfolio

Online Course - Diversifying Portfolio

IF YOU WANT to earn more money to support the downtimes when creative work is thin on the ground or you just feel like taking on an exciting challenge as a matter of personal development, you may well already have the skills to do so or, at least, have the basis of what you need to create new opportunities. Most freelances have many talents but often don’t realise that their abilities are potentially marketable and lucrative.

Business Skills for Freelances

Online Course - Business Skills

When I suggest to a freelance that learning a few key business skills might help their creative career, they look at me as if I’ve told them to sell their grannie. After all, we haven’t spent all these years studying our art and developing our talent just to waste time touting apples and pears down the market.

When two worlds collide!

WE OFTEN take language for granted and assume a level of communication and understanding that, in reality, is not being conveyed.