Proactive problem solving

PROBLEMS CROP up regularly as part of our working lives. For example, we might get sick, which makes it impossible to meet a deadline or, half way through a job, we might realise that the work involved is going to be much more complicated than we thought, which means...

Success in a pandemic

There’s nothing like a world pandemic to shake up our assumptions and priorities! I’m pretty sure many of us used to feel quite confident about our career paths and definitions of success. But now all that doesn’t feel so straightforward anymore, when not just our...

My mojo has locked down!

Usually, I have energy abound for my work and a passion for even the smallest things in life. However, in these strange times, I’ve sometimes felt dog-tired for no particular reason; long since forgotten aches and pains have crept back, slyly whispering ‘go to bed’...
Flipping out?

Flipping out?

For many of us, staying mentally strong through this scary time will be just as important as maintaining our physical health. While it’s advisable to recognise rather than suppress our fearful thoughts, it’s also helpful to find ways of making sure that our...

Don’t struggle too much

Most of us realise that achieving our goals is not always plain sailing. We’ll definitely experience setbacks and have to figure out how to overcome these to move forwards and we’ll certainly feel like pulling the duvet over our heads and giving up on occasion. But,...

Happy New Year – your way

I USED to hit the beginning of every January like a lead balloon with a feeling that I couldn’t quite breathe – partially due to too much Christmas cake admittedly - but more to do with anxiety brought on by the thought of what I should or shouldn’t be doing in the...
Diversify your Portfolio

Diversify your Portfolio

IF YOU WANT to earn more money to support the downtimes when creative work is thin on the ground or you just feel like taking on an exciting challenge as a matter of personal development, you may well already have the skills to do so or, at least, have the basis of what you need to create new opportunities. Most freelances have many talents but often don’t realise that their abilities are potentially marketable and lucrative.

Business Skills for Freelances

Business Skills for Freelances

When I suggest to a freelance that learning a few key business skills might help their creative career, they look at me as if I’ve told them to sell their grannie. After all, we haven’t spent all these years studying our art and developing our talent just to waste time touting apples and pears down the market.

Business skills training
for creative freelances