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Effective Communication – 17 Aug, London

From convincing someone to commission your work to asking for better terms and conditions, this workshop will help you develop your communication skills so that you achieve better and more consistent results.

Dealing with Setbacks – 2 Aug, London

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. But how do they keep going? In this session, you’ll learn useful strategies to help you deal with setbacks in a constructive way so that you remain buoyant and keep moving forward to reach your creative goals.

Click into Instagram, 1st Aug, London

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms and can be an effective platform for creative freelances who want to showcase their work to new/wider audiences. This workshop is ideally suited to beginners who want to learn more about and develop their skills to use this increasingly popular social networking app.

Unleash the potential of your technology – 24 Jul, London

This workshop aims to help you maximise the potential of your technology including computers, phones and tablets so that you improve the way that you work and make your life easier.

Suitable for PC and Mac, Android and iOS, demos will typically be of Mac and iPhone/iPad apps but the day is about all platforms and how all of us can exploit the technology we own.

Negotiation for Freelances – 12, July, London

Negotiation is an essential skill for a freelance to master. Whether you are negotiating day rates or defined packages of work, it’s important to learn to represent yourself clearly and effectively with the aim of agreeing terms that you and your client are happy with.

Speak Up For Yourself – 27 Jun, London

How much do you know about your voice and can you rely upon it in stressful situations? For example, if you need to present a pitch or introduce a piece of work does your voice let you down? Do you mumble, dry up, hyperventilate or otherwise panic? This session will help you identify and manage common problems and ensure that your voice helps rather than hinders your progress when under duress.

Marketing your Work – 21 Jun, London

To build a successful freelance career, you need the ability to get what you do under the right people’s noses and present your work in the best possible light. This course will help you gain a clearer understanding of marketing and help you develop your marketing skills.

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