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Tools for Goal Setting – 11 Dec, London

Start the New Year with clear goals that will help you improve your creative performance and career success in the short and long term.

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Blogging for Creative Freelances – 4 Dec, Newcastle

Everybody tells you that you must have a website and you must have a blog but nobody tells you how – or why. In this workshop you will learn the key steps to creating your blog but, more importantly, what you can use one for and how it will become an important part of your creative work.

That’s true whether you’re a writer, journalist, musician or actor: you are already creating work that blogs can showcase and you will benefit from reaching audiences through a well constructed, targeted blog. This workshop will tell you how.

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Write that Book and Get It Published! – 26 Nov, London

Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, this workshop will help you develop your book idea as well as write and get it published.

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Get the best deal: how to pitch for work and get paid properly – 25 Nov, London

TUC’s Young Workers’ MontIn conjunction with the TUC’s Young Workers’ Month, this free workshop is aimed at those aged 30 and under. Learn the basics of pitching your work and negotiating fair rates of pay.

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Get Fit for Freelancing – 20 Nov, London

TUC’s Young Workers’ Mont

In conjunction with the TUC’s Young Workers’ Month, this free workshop is aimed at those aged 30 and under. This workshop will examine the key challenges that most freelances experience at some point or another to help you develop good habits and strategies so that you are more likely to survive and thrive as a creative freelance.

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Dealing with bullying and harassment – 17 Nov, London

In this three-hour session, we provide information about bullying and harassment at work and explore ways in which individuals can deal with such circumstances if they should arise.

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Creative Productivity – 6 Nov, Bristol

Improve your time management, remove distractions and zoom through the chores of being freelance. Turn your To Do list into something you enjoy – and do – instead of just dread. Become the one everybody turns to because you never forget anything and you always deliver.

This workshop will help you understand how you work and what you can do to make better use of your limited time, become more productive and feel in more control.

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Build your confidence – 23 Oct, London

Even the most positive, go-getting people sometimes experience a dip in confidence – especially when they’ve experienced a set back or are facing a particularly daunting challenge. In this one-day workshop, we’ll help you develop and maintain confidence whatever the circumstance.

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Run a successful social media campaign – 9 Oct, Manchester

Social media can be a powerful means of getting your message across and raise awareness of what you do. This one-day workshop will take you step-by-step through running a successful campaign.

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How to drive traffic to your website – 8 Oct, Manchester

This one-day workshop quickly goes beyond the usual focus on search engines (though they are still covered) to understand the growing importance of social optimisation…creating stories and links that stand the best chance of being shared through social channels to build your online presence.

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