Training Courses

Courses on demand

We have recently run a range of courses (see below) throughout England for just £25. We can set up these again if there is sufficient demand. So, if you would like to attend one or more of the following courses in your area, please register your interest at

Popular courses that we are thinking of running later in the year include :


Copyright for CreativesCopyright for Creatives
Ensure that you know your rights and get paid for your work

Freelance Survival Guide Freelance Survival Guide
Find out what it takes to run your own business

Networking Via the WebNetworking Via the Web
Easy ways to market yourself online

Build Your Own Website Build Your Own Website
You don't have to be a tech head

Tutored by freelance industry professionals, the courses have been developed with you in mind. From the courses we’ve run so far, participants say that they learn more easily and have more fun with their peers learning in a creative environment.

Industry specific courses

If you want to find out more about the skills development opportunities specific to your union, please go to:

Business skills training
for creative freelances