Motivation & Success

Motivation and success

Motivation & Success

A one-day course to help you get and stay motivated in the long-term

STAYING MOTIVATED can be challenging at the best of times. But, when you work freelance in competitive and volatile industries such as ours – especially when you’ve hit a rough patch, it’s all too easy to plummet into a downward spiral.

Lack of motivation leads to less work output which leads to other problems, like money worries and stress leading to even less motivation, less organisation, less confidence, panic, and so on.

While most people have been to the ‘dark side’ at one time or another, the good news is that there are ways to keep motivated and create positive spirals that will help you succeed and deal with problems. This course looks at some of the practical elements of doing just this. It includes:

  • What is motivation and why do freelances especially need to keep motivated?
  • Goal setting as a way to keep motivated
  • Taking responsibility for your success
  • Reviewing your priorities and what you want to achieve
  • Setting high yet realistic challenges and deadlines
  • Planning and organisation
  • Finding resources (including peers and mentors) that can you keep motivated.
  • Replacing negative thought patterns with positive ones
  • Uncovering barriers to motivation and success
  • Is the recession a reason to be de-motivated?
  • Action plan to get and stay motivated.

Who should attend

Those freelances working in the creative industries who wish to raise their motivation levels and keep motivated in the long term.

(The day’s format is set out to be enjoyable, so you should also attend if you want some light relief in your schedule and reassurance that you’re not the only one who has ever felt de-motivated).


No formal qualifications are required, just a desire to learn new ways of adding to your career and every day life.

Expected learning outcomes

  • An understanding of what motivates and de-motivates each individual and the impact it has on your career
  • An overview of the methods of keeping motivated
  • A clearer idea of which issues need to be addressed to stay motivated.

*We are currently setting up this year's course programme, so if you would like to attend the above course, please register your interest at If we receive sufficient demand, we will set up the course soon.

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