Networking Via the Web

This one day workshop looks at the phenomenon called Web 2.0 as a “Super User” not a developer or IT expert.

Networking via the web

Networking Via the Web course

The workshop looks at optimising web browsing, getting the most out of RSS, the potential and expectations of mobile web access, applications on the move, and the usefulness of Social Networking.

Practical elements throughout the day will enable participants to begin networking online, embed dynamic content and personal updates directly to their own web sites or blogs in the classroom, providing real experience of the skills needed to do it.

This course is aimed at media and entertainment creatives who will be introduced to a variety of free online tools, community platforms and collaborative services through hands-on sessions.

No formal qualifications are necessary to attend. However, participants will need basic computer skills and a text enabled mobile phone.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own wi-fi enabled laptops; a 160 character biog; a 160 word biog, a PDF with 3 pages or more; and a square photo or graphic. More details will be given on booking.

Learning outcomes
An awareness of:

  • social media and networking in the context of freelances
  • 'folksonomic filtering' and tag searching using Flickr, Twitter and Delicious
  • how to be more productive on the move
  • the pulling and pushing of information using RSS, its usefulness and application

Ability to:

  • develop a social media presence; update and network using Twitter and Linkedin
  • integrate dynamic content in to a network
  • create a social network and be part of an on-going FEU support network.

*This course is not currently scheduled. However, if we receive sufficient demand in your area, we will set one up. Please email to express an interest, stating the course and your location.

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