Freelance Survival Guide

Talent in your chosen field is not enough to guarantee freelance success in the long-term.

Freelance Survical Guide

Freelance Survival Guide: Birmingham 2010

In addition, freelances need to take a number of important considerations into account, from marketing their work to negotiating the best payment deals, in order to ensure work continuity and create opportunities.

This one-day course covers the essential aspects that will help freelances establish a successful career path, including:

  • establishing work continuity
  • building successful networks
  • identifying possible clients and pitching ideas to them
  • agreeing contract terms
  • negotiating deals at the right rates
  • making sure clients pay
  • planning, organisation and time-management
  • finding out about finance and tax
  • adapting/updating skills in line with trends/changing skills demand
  • self-motivation.

Who should attend
Anyone who works freelance or who is considering working freelance needing to understand they key business areas to support and facilitate freelance success.

Qualifications needed to attend
No formal qualifications are needed.

Learning outcomes

  • The course will provide a useful overview to both those who are new to freelancing and those established freelances who want to ensure that they are covering all bases to maximum effect
  • An understanding of what freelances need to do to survive
  • Acquisition of a level of awareness of the components that go into successful freelancing.

*This course is not currently scheduled. However, if we receive sufficient demand in your area, we will set one up. Please email to express an interest, stating the course and your location.

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