Feeling creatively ‘blocked’? Not getting enough done? Stuck in an unproductive rut? Starting to put things off?

Maybe it’s time to stop procrastination and start doing. This session will help you do just that - help you re-focus and get your mojo back!

Dates, times and location

March 14 2013

Musicians’ Union
60-62 Clapham Road



Apply Online by March 5



  • Analysing your needs
  • Knowing yourself – looking at how you did your best work in the past and what motivates you now
  • Re-focusing and get started again
  • Prioritising without becoming overwhelmed by tasks
  • Unblocking creativity
  • Learning to enjoy what you do again
  • Working discipline: what is working; what is not and changing it to fit.

Who should attend?

Anyone who feels stuck and is finding that procrastination is holding them back.

Qualifications required

No specific qualifications are required.

Expected Learning Outcomes

An understanding of how to stop procrastinating and move forward in a way that’s most productive and satisfying for you.


No formal qualifications are needed to attend this workshop.

Tutor:  Sue Walker

How to Apply

To attend this session, fill in the short application form Mar 5. You will need to register if you have not done so already.

All events have been over-subscribed to date so successful applicants will be chosen randomly after the cut-off date. We will let you know if your application has been successful within a couple of days after the deadline.

Further enquiries:

Email: kate@feutraining.org
Tel: 07990 504 612

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