Free workshop for members
“Goals are dreams with deadlines.”

The date and time: 21 Nov, 10.30-4.30pm

The venue:
Mercury Theatre
Balkerne Gardens
C01 1PT

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Having goals in our lives sets a direction and helps us make the decisions on what to focus our efforts on.

Some find it hard to create goals at all, while others have no problem setting goals, but are unable to motivate themselves to achieve them.

There can be all sorts of reasons for this, for example, your goals may not actually be your goals, but other people’s that you have (consciously or unconsciously) adopted, or perhaps securing the dream job means you’ll have to travel extensively and you are worried that this will have a negative impact on your family life.

This workshop aims to give you tools to process all your aims, now and in the future, so you can create clear, achievable, compelling goals, which are compatible with and do not conflict with any other areas of your life.

Workshop Content

This course will:

  • help you define clear, achievable goals which are within your control
  • provide a model to allow you to check your goals to ensure that you really want them, and that achieving them will not result in you losing something else that is important to you
  • give you an opportunity to amend or re-configure your goal to make it fully desirable to you
  • identify what might obstruct your goal, and what you can do about it
  • understand what the purpose of your goal is to you and become fully aligned to it - making it a compelling goal
  • learn tools to tackle difficulties
  • identify your first steps.

Who should attend?

Freelances working in the creative industries who want to improve their goal setting and goal achievement capabilities.

Expected learning outcomes

You can expect to leave this workshop with a set of tools you can use on any of your goals to reshape them so they are compatible with all aspects of your life, and therefore compelling for you to achieve.

Join us and take the first steps to making your current goals your future reality!

Tutor: Muriel McClymont

POLITE REQUEST: if you are successful in obtaining a place on this workshop and, due to unforeseen circumstances, you are unable to attend, please let us know asap because we have others on the waiting list who we can allocate your place to. If you do not let us know this will disadvantage another member. Also, we may lose the funds that enable us to provide these workshops to all members including yourself.

NOTE: if we were to postpone or cancel this workshop due to unforeseen circumstances (this has happened only twice in five years due to tutor illness and a tube strike), we will be unable to reimburse any costs such as pre-booked travel expenses. If this were to happen in the future, we will email and telephone you as soon as we know that there is a cancellation and attempt to re-schedule the workshop asap.

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