Coworking: an example

By actor-writer Kate Willoughby

As part of my research into coworking for freelances I wanted to get some firsthand experience of an existing coworking event.  I therefore signed up for one of KindredHQ’s  Jelly events, which took place recently.

In my opinion, the location was perfect (London’s Centre for Creative Collaboration) and the time was also ideal for many freelances (1.00pm to 5.00pm).

The Jelly took place in a light and airy room with a large table and access to free WiFi. Refreshments were also available.

Participants at this event included an app developer, a journalist, an illustrator and an artist. The atmosphere was relaxed and positive. Whilst some people stayed fixed to their screens, others discussed a variety of topics, including a debate about the use of unpaid volunteers in a now internationally renowned theatre production.

In this video clip founder of KindredHQ Alex Butler gives an insight into coworking and why she started the Jelly events.

Having already experienced a positive introduction to coworking via the Devoted & Disgruntled roadshow, the Jelly event also demonstrated that coworking can take on different forms and work for a diverse group of freelances.

Alex Butler also gave me some excellent tips for setting up a coworking event, which I will share with you in my next blog.

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