Today it’s National Freelance Day. Launched by PCG in 2009, the day focuses on the range of different aspects entailed in working freelance aiming to add credibility to a crucial method of working in the UK.

Recent figures released by Kingston University and founders PCG show that the number of freelances in the UK now totals more than 1.56m or one in 20 in the UK workforce – up from the previous figure of 1.4m in 2008.

“This Government recognises the valuable contribution that freelances make to the economy and, as more and more people choose to join your ranks, you have all our support,” says Prime Minister David Cameron.

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Google ‘National Freelance Day’ and you’ll find a range of information and advice that could be helpful to you. “As freelancers we have to wear many hats. And if you don’t wear the business hat, you’re going to get rained on,” says author Dan Pink.

Much of the information, which includes free guides and booklets, focuses on the business side of freelancing so it’s worth a surf to see what might be relevant to you.

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