Application to FEU Training's 'Make Impact' workshop in Manchester and Birmingham on February 24 and 25 respectively has been huge.

The cut-off date to apply for a place at the workshop is January 31st. After which, we will be allocating places randomly and then proportionately distributing them to freelance members of each of the four unions taking part in this project - the NUJ, BECTU, Equity and MU. This method is to ensure fairness of allocation.

We will let members know if they have been successful or not in the week following the cut off date.

Under the banner of the Federation of Entertainment Unions (FEU), the four participating unions mentioned above have been working together to address common skills gaps - in this case, business skills.

Freelances need to acquire dual skills to maximise career potential, that is, they need to be adept at their core 'on the job' skills such as writing, acting or playing an instrument as well as getting business savvy, for example, marketing work to clients and potential clients is crucial to acquire new work and secure work continuity.

To help freelances acquire such business acumen, FEU training has been running courses, workshops and events around the country as well as providing a variety of IAG through this website.

We'll keep you posted as to what's coming up next.

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