Over 25 free short courses to union members, family and friends online

Unionlearn has launched a major campaign called “Go On: Get Online, Get a Lifeline” to put trade unions right at the heart of a unified movement to ensure that every adult in the country can use a computer and the internet with confidence.

If you want to improve your computer and internet skills or help your family and friends get on line, you can do this through the new unionlearn 'myguide' courses by registering free at www.unionlearn.org.uk/onlinebasics.

This newly launched website provides everything you need to know about helping someone get the best from myguide so help someone sign up today!

What is myguide?

The myguide online courses take learners through the first steps of getting to grips with computers and the internet and open up a world of online opportunities from shopping to finding a new job. As well as this, the courses give people the confidence and skills to move on and use the internet for everything from e-learning to online campaigning.

Over 9 million adults in the UK do not use the internet. These adults - young and old, in work and unemployed - face growing disadvantages in a world that increasingly uses online tools to offer support services or ways to save money.

All they may need is a helping hand and Trade Unions have committed to help by doing all they can to support 10,000 of those adults with their first steps online.

How can you help?

Let your colleagues, friends and family know that there are simple and cost-effective ways to learn how to use the internet and signpost them to www.unionlearn.org.uk/onlinebasics.

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