Over 40 freelances from the NUJ, Equity, Musicians’ Union and Writers’ guild attended the ‘Make Impact 2’ workshop in London recently.

Focusing on improving communication to a make better and more long-lasting impression on clients and contacts, the workshop included both tutorials and practical exercises to enhance learning: “Not only was it informative and well balanced but it was also fun and one left on a happy high,” said Writers’ Guild member Beryl Beare.

The workshop was part of a series of free workshops that FEU Training is running to help creative freelances improve the key business skills that help support their career progress.

“You often hear ‘communications’ described as a ‘soft skill’ but it’s actually challenging to communicate effectively on a consistent basis,” said FEU project manager Frances Dredge. “The workshop set about highlighting and demonstrating the range of different communication styles and methods that can be used to meet various objectives."


Business skills training
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