Over 120 FEU freelances attended three 'Make Impact' workshops, which were run free for union members in London towards the end of 2010.

As part of the current FEU Training project to help freelances from the creative industries improve the essential business skills needed for continued professional success, the specifically developed workshops focused on promotion and marketing including C. V. development, marketing tools and maximising the potential of social media.

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About Make Impact: overview by project manager Frances Dredge

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What's the biggest challenge of being freelance?

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Feedback from the event

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Observations from project co-ordinator Miranda Gavin

Attended by over 120 members from the participating creative unions - the National Union of Journalists, BECTU, Equity and the Musicians' Union, the workshops also acted as a networking forum and provided participants with the opportunity to ask a range of questions related to their profession.

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