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Net gains (1)

Can customers find you on Google? Here’s a test: type your name into Google and press search. Does it find you? Are you on the first page? If, like me, you have an unusual surname, you are at an advantage

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Creative selling (8)

Post-match analysis Analyse in detail how you succeeded when you were successful, and what went wrong when you failed – learn from your successes and your failures. Before calling a potential new customer – a prospect – or an existing

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Creative selling (6)

Coping with rejection First, think of it as an objection, not a rejection. It’s not that final yet. And let’s embrace and welcome objections. Points of disagreement help us to know that the buyer is at least interested. An objection

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Creative selling (4)

Sticking to the script It’s time for you to do some work. Think of a client you want to sell to (or you want to work for). Run through what might motivate them and how you might stress that what

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Creative Selling (3)

The Hierarchy of Needs Your potential buyer is an individual human being. Buyers bring with them their own motivations but they also have motivations inspired by their business. The business, as a corporate entity, will have its needs and these

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Creative Selling (1)

Why we must learn to sell Selling – it’s almost a dirty word to us creative types. We tend to be artistic, have flair, create masterpieces. Our work should sell and our talents should be recognised just because. We’re good.

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Getting paid (1)

Be careful about who you work for Check out all new clients before you start working for them – avoid the pitfalls of working but not getting paid. What could be better than getting a new client, you think. Maybe

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  • 14 Oct 2016
    Ever noticed how most trains these days have an engine at the front and another at the back? So instead of having to turn the train round when the train reaches it’s destination, the driver just walks to the other end and drives back the way they came. This works really efficiently, the extra engine is justified by time saved and more efficient use of the tracks.

  • 26 Sep 2016
    IF YOU WANT to earn more money to support the downtimes when creative work is thin on the ground or you just feel like taking on an exciting challenge as a matter of personal development, you may well already have the skills to do so or, at least, have the basis of what you need to create new opportunities. Most freelances have many talents but often don’t realise that their abilities are potentially marketable and lucrative.

  • 09 Jun 2016
    When I suggest to a freelance that learning a few key business skills might help their creative career, they look at me as if I’ve told them to sell their grannie. After all, we haven’t spent all these years studying our art and developing our talent just to waste time touting apples and pears down the market.

  • 09 May 2016
    WE OFTEN take language for granted and assume a level of communication and understanding that, in reality, is not being conveyed.

  • 05 May 2016
    SOMETIMES positive or negative change is forced upon us and we have no choice but to react to circumstances. For example,

  • 25 Jan 2016
    ONE OF the most common discussion I have at workshops with creative freelances is about how to not take rejection