Sticking to the script

It’s time for you to do some work. Think of a client you want to sell to (or you want to work for). Run through what might motivate them and how you might stress that what you provide or the way you provide it will meet their need.

Write yourself six short presentations that will convince them that using you as their freelance will help them:

  • Make money
  • Save time
  • Reduce effort
  • Get convenience
  • Get good quality
  • Get good service.

Now try it on someone you know and see what their reaction is. What questions do they ask – did you have an answer prepared? Are they convinced and if not, why not? Work out what more you’d need to say and how you’d need to demonstrate it to convince them.

Remember, you may have to repeat the same message several times, so think of different ways of getting your message across so you don’t use exactly the same words.

A good salesman may look like they have been forced into providing discounts or offering extra for free in an unplanned moment of madness but it is all a script. You need to have worked out everything you need to say in advance and what price you are prepared to sell at – and stick to it.

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