Post-match analysis

Analyse in detail how you succeeded when you were successful, and what went wrong when you failed - learn from your successes and your failures.

Before calling a potential new customer - a prospect - or an existing supplier, we should have in our mind a sequence of logically progressive steps that lead to a conclusion that can only be a sale – a close.

We should, therefore, decide:

  • What do we already know about the buyer and his/her business?
  • What else do we need to find out?
  • How can we find this out?
  • What benefits are most likely to appeal?
  • What is the most effective way in which we can present these benefits?
  • What problems, snags, objections are likely to arise?
  • How can we deal with them?
  • What sales aids, literature, examples of our work, do we need?
  • What is the specific objective to be achieved on this call?

Our checklist for successful creative selling is:

  • Focus - we must focus the attention of the customer on what we want to talk about.
  • Involvement - we involve the customer by asking questions.
  • Need - we must identify the buying motives of customers.
  • Suitability - we must match the benefits of our products or service to the buying motives of the customer.
  • Objections - objections must be handled.
  • Action - remember to ASK FOR THE ORDER (we're bad at this bit).

Good luck.


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