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WELCOME to the FEU Training blog. Every month we will focus on subject areas that will help you overcome the challenges of freelance work.

Don’t take it personally

ONE OF the most common discussion I have at workshops with creative freelances is about how to not take rejection personally. This is a tricky question when you are effectively ‘the product’, so being turned down can feel very personal.

Are you a goals person?

One of the biggest misapprehensions I come across when I run our ‘Tools for Goal Setting’ workshop is the belief that there are ‘goals’ people, and those who just bumble through. Yet there are many successful people who don’t see

Out with the old… in with the new!

NEW YEAR is an interesting time – both embraced and dreaded. Embraced as a celebration of new starts, opportunities and progress, dreaded as it marks the passing of time, reminding us of lost opportunities, youth and loved ones. And both

For a few dollars more…

AT THE END of a recent workshop on negotiation someone asked the question: “It’s all very good talking about negotiating new work but what about trying to increase your rate to an existing client?” The room fell silent as everyone

Returning to freelancing

STARTING a career as a creative freelance is always a challenge, but restarting can be just as tough. It’s not unusual for freelances to have a period of absence; maybe you’ve taken parental leave; or maybe you’re semi-retired and have

Mind what you say!

“STICKS and stones can break my bones, but words can never harm me.” Does anyone still actually think this is true? In my experience words can cause a hurt deeper than any mere stick or stone (clubs and boulders not

Drumming up new work

IN SUCH a competitive environment, it’s vital to be proactive in getting your work under the right people’s noses and showing them why you’re the best person for the job. To help you do this, some direct sales techniques will help.

What’s stopping you?

IF YOU HAVE one or more goals that have been hanging around on your ‘to do’ list for ages, it’s time to think about why you’re procrastinating. Look at each goal and ask the following questions: Do I really want

Young members build creative muscle

FEU TRAINING is supporting young members with the Get Fit for Freelancing initiative, which aims to help young people establish themselves in the ever more competitive entertainment industries. To do this, we’ll be running a targeted programme of training courses and

Dealing with bullying and harassment

A surprisingly large number of people have suffered from being bullied, harassed or discriminated at work at some point or another. According to an FEU survey, the creative industries are no exception to this with results showing ‘shocking levels of