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WELCOME to the FEU Training blog. Every month we will focus on subject areas that will help you overcome the challenges of freelance work.

Young members build creative muscle

FEU TRAINING is supporting young members with the Get Fit for Freelancing initiative, which aims to help young people establish themselves in the ever more competitive entertainment industries. To do this, we’ll be running a targeted programme of training courses and

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Dealing with bullying and harassment

A surprisingly large number of people have suffered from being bullied, harassed or discriminated at work at some point or another. According to an FEU survey, the creative industries are no exception to this with results showing ‘shocking levels of

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What’s all the fuss about ‘mindfulness’?

MINDFULNESS IS one of the latest buzzwords but what is it and why has it become so popular? What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness is at the core of many Buddhist practices and includes many forms of meditation. It is also about

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Starting out as a creative freelance?

AFTER OUR Get Fit for Freelancing workshop recently (targeted at young members and new entrants), I found myself wondering, of all the tips and advice offered, what was the single most useful recommendation I could make? How could I distil a

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How to land on your feet as a freelance

Getting started in a career in the creative and media industries can be tough. It’s a competitive world and staff jobs are few and far between. Increasingly, new entrants have to break into the arts or journalism as freelances and many

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Mind the Gap!

IF YOU ARE anything like me, every time you have a lull, as soon as you get booked up with work again, you have instant 20/20 clarity about how you should have spent your free time! Learning to make the

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Interview tips

THERE ARE a few recurring themes that seem to reliably crop up when we run our Interview Skills workshop ‘You’re Hired’, and last week’s was no exception. Here are three common blind alleys and how to avoid them. 1. Be clear

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Lost your va va voom?

THE INSPIRATION to come up with new ideas is usually second nature to creative people. However, sometimes we simply run out of gas. If you feel like you’ve had your last good idea, don’t panic. Most of us hit the

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The CV Holy Grail

The CV Holy Grail What’s the one thing that every prospective client or employer should know about you? It’s unlikely you will have an immediate answer to this question, because it’s a bit like the Holy Grail, something we seek

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Who’s driving your Ferrari?

IF YOU OWNED a brand new, top of the range Ferrari, would you let your neighbour’s 17 year-old drive it, just because they asked nicely? I imagine you would want to know if they’d passed their driving test. You’d probably

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  • 09 May 2016
    “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”                                                              George Bernard Shaw WE OFTEN take

  • 05 May 2016
    SOMETIMES positive or negative change is forced upon us and we have no choice but to react to circumstances. For example,

  • 25 Jan 2016
    ONE OF the most common discussion I have at workshops with creative freelances is about how to not take rejection

  • 08 Jan 2016
    One of the biggest misapprehensions I come across when I run our ‘Tools for Goal Setting’ workshop is the belief

  • 05 Jan 2016
    NEW YEAR is an interesting time - both embraced and dreaded. Embraced as a celebration of new starts, opportunities and

  • 21 Dec 2015
    AT THE END of a recent workshop on negotiation someone asked the question: “It’s all very good talking about negotiating

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