24 July, 11am - 12.30pm

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It is little wonder that these troubled times have left many of us feeling flat with less enthusiasm towards our creative work than usual. This webinar aims to help you re-gain your motivation and get back your mojo.

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Staying motivated is essential for freelance professionals at the best of times and now that’s even more important than ever to continue to build or re-build our careers.

In this webinar, we look at the aspects of motivation so that you can better understand how to motivate yourself. This knowledge aims to help you adjust what you are currently doing to make it more compelling and to structure your work and life to be more motivated when you would like to be. It covers:

  • Factors affecting your motivation levels
  • Why your goals matter to you and how that impacts your motivation
  • Whether you truly believe you can achieve what you want
  • Whether your current habits are helping or hindering you
  • Planning and acting to get more motivated.


The webinar is a slightly different format from our usual webinars because many people have told us that they are missing face-to-face conversation with their peers.

  • Therefore, it is slightly longer (up to 1hr 30min) so we can include a couple of short motivation exercises, which you’ll complete with others in our virtual breakout rooms.
  • You will have the option to be visible to others throughout the session but you can switch off your camera throughout or at any time.
  • You will be able to ask questions in the chat box and send messages to the group or individuals within it.
  • We will round up the with a Q & A session in which you can be seen and heard if you so choose.

Who should enrol

Those freelances working in the creative industries who wish to raise their motivation levels and stay more motivated in the long-term.

Expected learning outcomes

  • An understanding of what motivates and de-motivates us and how we can influence this
  • An overview of some strategies for staying motivated
  • A clearer idea of which issues need to be addressed to stay motivated.


Tutors: Frances Dredge and Muriel McClymont

Business skills training
for creative freelances