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In this webinar, we will share tips and strategies on how to deal with uncertainly throughout the current crisis so that you focus on what you can do to better manage these uncertain times and make the most of potential opportunities that arise.

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Date and time

17 June, 11am - 12pm


We are living with much more uncertainty than usual and this can be overwhelming and stop us in our tracks on occasion.

However, while the current crisis is throwing up challenges that we’ve never faced before and causing a great deal of anxiety, there are ways to feel more in control and focused on what can be done.

In this webinar, we will share tips and strategies to help you manage the downsides of uncertainty while remaining open to new opportunities including:

  • How to make peace with uncertainty
  • Reviewing your current situation so you can make plans to move forward
  • Exploring and creating opportunities
  • Persevering in the face of adversity
  • Focusing on what you can control.


While you will be able to see and hear the tutors, you will not be visible or audible to them or each other. However, you will be able to ask questions, see the questions that others ask and make comments.

The format for this session is approximately 1hr of presentation-style teaching interspersed with questions and answers from participants. We will round up the with a Q & A session.

Depending on how many questions are asked, the session may run longer than 1hr so please set aside 1hr 15mins if you want to stay to participate in the Q & A at the end.

Who should enrol

Anyone who wants to improve the way that they handle uncertainty and manage and/or avoid the stress that it can bring.

Expected learning outcomes

  • Alternative outlooks on the subject of uncertainty
  • Strategies for dealing with the tougher times
  • A clearer understanding of what you can and can’t control


Tutors: Frances Dredge and Muriel McClymont

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