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Date and time: 3 Sept, 10.30-4.15pm
Where: Online via Zoom

This one-day workshop will help take your mobile video skills to the next level, cementing your basic knowledge and adding extra shooting, editing and storytelling techniques.

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Please note that places on this Online Workshop are limited and you will only be notified by email if we can offer you a place. See notes below.

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Workshop content

You’ll have already grasped the basics of creating engaging video for social media using your iPhone or Android device and the VN app. So, this workshop will help you refine and develop those skills through advice, practical exercises and feedback and will show you how to add extra shooting, editing and storytelling telling techniques. You’ll learn to build a narrative story, inject mood and pace, and create fast-paced promos.

The focus is on creating videos from home, so you’ll be working solo but the techniques that we’ explore also apply in face-to-face situations. A PDF toolkit will be shared with links to specially created video tutorials, apps and equipment.

Learning outcomes

Aimed at those who have already learnt the basics, we will focus on:

  • Developing your VN editing techniques including trimming, titles, cutaways, effects, and audio
  • Developing further (selfie-style) interview techniques
  • How to shoot and edit video ‘chapters’ to develop a narrative style
  • An introduction to slo-mo and speed ramping
  • Driving video mood and pace through shooting and editing
  • Performing simple colour correction in VN
  • Combining video chapters and interviews to create stories in horizontal, square or vertical format.

Who should apply: IMPORTANT

This is NOT a beginner’s or refresher course. You should only apply if you have attended our Mobile Video Kickstarter workshop and/or you are already able to capture a selfie-style interview using your device’s camera app and feel comfortable carrying out the basic editing functions of the VN app including: Creating a project; trimming image and video clips on the main timeline; adding transitions, music and titles; inserting cutaways, and exporting a completed project to your Photos/Gallery.

What equipment do I need?

To access the workshop:
  • Laptop or desktop computer with reliable wifi connection.
  • Free account with Zoom (, with free Zoom application downloaded to your computer.
To shoot and edit:

Apps: The VN app, as used in the kickstarter workshop. Please check for updates.

To edit: Fully-charged iPhone (6 or above), iPad or recent Android device. Participants should check they are running the latest system software and apps are updated. You will need space on your device to record video (2GB as a recommended minimum).

Earbuds incorporating microphone (recommended, but not essential). You are welcome to use a clip microphone, if you have one.

Tripod and mount: A tripod is highly recommended for this workshop. Any budget tabletop or photographic tripod you have or can borrow will be suitable for the training. If you wish to purchase, here is a recommendation: Alfort selfie stick tripod with mount (Amazon £10.99) If you already have a tripod but no mount: JJC mount (£10): (or try your local pound store). Basic iPad mount (£6.99)


Tutor: Dan Mason


We will let you know promptly after the deadline if you have obtained a place. Unlike our webinars, we have a limited number of places for each online workshop. If you do not hear from us, please assume that you have not secured a place on this occasion.

Once you have confirmed that you can participate, we will send you the workshop link. If you do not confirm promptly, we will offer your place to someone else on the waiting list.

If you confirm your place but find that you are unable to participate, please let us know asap so that we can re-allocate your place to someone on the waiting list. If you do not let us know this will disadvantage another member. Also, we may lose the funds that enable us to provide these free workshops to all members including you.

We may not be able to offer everyone a place on every workshop, but, if there is high demand, we will try to set up further workshops on this topic in the near future and those who did not get a place this time will be offered first refusal. Also, please keep applying because everyone will get a place on a workshop asap. 

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