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Date and time: 13 Jul, 10.30am – 4.15pm
Where: Online via Zoom

This one-day workshop will help you unlock the potential of your mobile device (android or iPhone/iPad) as a powerful tool for planning and creating high-quality video.

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Please note that places on this Online Workshop are limited and you will only be notified by email if we can offer you a place. See notes below.

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Everyone is talking about the growing importance of video on websites and social media. There’s no doubt about it, for creative professionals video is becoming a vital ingredient in promoting yourself, your band, event or show.

The good news is that with a decent smartphone, you can learn to make attention-grabbing mobile video, working solo from home.

Learning outcomes

Aimed at beginners, by the end of the day, you will know how to shoot and edit video you can be proud of, and how to upload it to your website, YouTube and/or social media. It includes:

  • Recording selfie-style, remote or face-to-face interviews, understanding shot framing, background, audio and lighting (these techniques apply to self-taping)
  • Editing, exporting and sharing interviews
  • Adding titles, text and subtitles to your videos
  • Understanding how to shoot and edit additional video material to bring your video to life
  • Finding and adding music to your video projects
  • Introduction to video explainers, combining video, titles and music.

While the workshop is delivered online, it still aims to be as practical, interactive and enjoyable as possible and includes tutorials and exercises.

The focus is on shooting and editing video from home, but the techniques will also apply in future.

A PDF ‘toolkit’ will be shared with links to relevant apps and equipment.

Who’s it for?

Freelance professionals who want to learn to shoot and edit mobile video - no previous experience is necessary.

What equipment do I need?

To access the workshop:

  1. Laptop or desktop computer with reliable wifi connection.
  2. Free account with Zoom (, with free Zoom application downloaded to your computer.

To shoot and edit:

We will let you know if you have a place on this workshop by 3 July to give you enough time to borrow or purchase the equipment that you need.

  1. IMPORTANT! You will need to install two free apps BEFORE THE WORKSHOP - available for iOS and Android:
    - VN ('VN Video Editor Maker VlogNow') If you have trouble finding the app on Google Play or Apple App Store, click the link on the VN website: Note: On some Android devices you may be asked to allow the app to be downloaded in the security settings. When installed, launch the VN app, create an account (free), and try it out to make sure it works with your device. Here’s a short video how to test VN:
    - Send Anywhere file transfer app (iOS: Android:
  2. Bring a fully-charged smartphone (iOS or Android) running current operating system, with earbuds incorporating microphone.
  3. On your device, you will need space to record video (2GB as a recommended minimum).
  4. A tripod is highly recommended for the training. Any budget tabletop or photographic tripod you have or can borrow will be suitable for the training - you could even buy a small tripod and mount from a pound shop. But if you wish to purchase, here are some trainer recommendations on Amazon:
      • Alfort selfie stick tripod with mount (£12.59)
        The selfie stick extends to around three feet, locks with a twist and comes with mobile/GoPro mount, bluetooth button and handy mini-tripod. Lightweight option that works well for  video on the go.
      • Flexible tripod with mount (£16.99)
        Chunky 12-inch bendy tripod with vertical/horizontal mount. Handy for travel but needs to stand on (or hook onto) something when doing interviews.
      • Amazon Basics Tripod (£19.99)
        Light, cheap and compact, but not tall enough for stand-up interviews and average build quality. Requires separate mobile mount.
      • Neewer Aluminium 62tripod (£48.99)
        Consider only if you are already thinking of investing in a tripod for mobile or DSLR use. The Neewer is good value for a full-height, lightweight tripod. Requires separate mobile mount.
      • If you have a tripod but no mount:
        Zeadio smartphone mount (£14)
        Mount with cold shoe for attachments.
      • Cheaper mount at around £
      • Basic iPad mount (£8.49)

There are many other budget smartphone mounts on Amazon, and simple versions are often available at pound shops.

Note: Prices and availability may vary on Amazon.

Participants are welcome to contact the trainer Dan Mason for further advice:

Tutor: Dan Mason


We will let you know promptly after the deadline if you have obtained a place. Unlike our webinars, we have a limited number of places for each online workshop. If you do not hear from us, please assume that you have not secured a place on this occasion.

Once you have confirmed that you can participate, we will send you the workshop link. If you do not confirm promptly, we will offer your place to someone else on the waiting list.

If you confirm your place but find that you are unable to participate, please let us know asap so that we can re-allocate your place to someone on the waiting list. If you do not let us know this will disadvantage another member. Also, we may lose the funds that enable us to provide these free workshops to all members including you.

We may not be able to offer everyone a place on every workshop, but, if there is high demand, we will try to set up further workshops on this topic in the near future and those who did not get a place this time will be offered first refusal. Also, please keep applying because everyone will get a place on a workshop asap. 

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