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If you don’t nip it in the bud, procrastination can become a serious problem that results in consistent timewasting, under-performance, under-lying anxiety and high stress levels.

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This webinar will help you to understand why you are procrastinating and help you stop the rot so that you develop the most productive way of working that ensures that you concentrate your efforts in the areas that are most rewarding including:

  • Recognising the warning signs
  • Identifying and overcoming your procrastination triggers
  • Creating new habits
  • Taking control and moving forward.

The format

While you will be able to see and hear the tutors, you will not be visible or audible to them or each other. However, you will be able to ask questions, see the questions that others ask and make comments.

The session will last approximately 1hr of presentation-style teaching interspersed with questions and answers from participants. We will round up the with a Q & A session.

Depending on how many questions are asked, the session may run longer than 1hr so please set aside 1hr 15mins if you want to stay to participate in the Q & A at the end.

Who should attend

Those freelances working in the creative industries who wish to find out how to make better use of their time so that they feel in more control of their work processes and the consequent results.

Expected learning outcomes

  • An understanding of why we procrastinate
  • An understanding of how to improve results through understanding our triggers and how we can overcome them
  • An understanding of how we can change the way we think about specific work tasks to create better habits.


Tutors: Frances Dredge and Muriel McClymont

Business skills training
for creative freelances