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This webinar will help you avoid the potential pitfalls of collaborative work to ensure that you get the rewards that you’re aiming for with minimum aggravation.

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Collaborating with others can be an effective and inspiring way of achieving results that you can’t achieve on your own. Conversely, it can be a hellish experience, which leaves you ruing the day that you ever got involved in such an arrangement!

This webinar will help you develop more productive and smooth running collaborative relationships that are mutually beneficial to those involved. It includes:

  • What to consider before you make the decision to collaborate
  • Planning and agreeing your collaborative work
  • Building a productive and enjoyable working relationship.

The format

While you will be able to see and hear the tutors, you will not be visible or audible to them or each other. However, you will be able to ask questions, see the questions that others ask and make comments.

The session will last approximately 1hr of presentation-style teaching interspersed with questions and answers from participants. We will round up the with a Q & A session.

Depending on how many questions are asked, the session may run longer than 1hr so please set aside 1hr 15mins if you want to stay to participate in the Q & A at the end.

Expected learning outcomes

  • A better understanding of what aspects to take into account and agree upon when collaborating.
  • A better understanding of how to plan and deliver collaborative work to get the best results.


Tutors: Frances Dredge

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