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11am, 23 January 2019

Join us for a one-hour online session in which you can learn the essential steps that will help you become a more confident negotiator who achieves better terms and conditions for your freelance work.

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Whether you are negotiating day rates or defined packages of work, as a freelance, it’s vital that that you learn to represent yourself clearly and effectively with the aim of agreeing terms that you and your client are happy with. The session will include:

  • Discovering what you need to consider to negotiate effectively
  • How to prepare to negotiate
  • Examples of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ negotiations
  • Getting into the right frame of mind
  • Being professional.

The format

The format for this session is around 45 minutes of presentation-style teaching. To ensure that you get the specific advice you need, participants will have the opportunity to ask questions throughout and in a final Q & A.

While you will be able to see and hear the tutors, you will not be visible or audible to them or each other.

Who should enrol

Freelances who wish to learn how to negotiate or improve their negotiation skills.

Expected Learning Outcomes

By the end of the session you will:

  • Understand why it is important to negotiate
  • Understand what elements you need to consider to negotiate effectively
  • Be more able to identify and work out variables and think creatively to attain the best results
  • Feel more confident to negotiate better terms for your valuable work!

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