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11am – 12.15ish, 24 January 2017

This webinar examines some popular strategies and tips that successful people use to achieve what they want in life with the aim of helping you to think about how you can learn from these to support your career progress and gain greater satisfaction from what you do.



In this webinar, we’ll discuss key strategies that successful people use to turn aspirations into reality and examine how you can apply this in practice to achieve your creative goals including:

  • Exploring the definition of success
  • Long-term development strategy
  • Actions that count
  • Creating helpful habits

The format

While you will be able to see and hear the tutors, you will not be visible or audible to them or each other. Nobody will know if you have bird’s nest hair! However, you will be able to ask questions, see the questions that others ask and make comments.

The format for this session is approximately 1hr of presentation-style teaching interspersed with questions and answers from participants. We will round up the session with a Q & A session. Depending on how many questions are asked, the session may run longer than 1hr so please set aside 1hr 20mins if you want to stay to participate in the Q & A at the end.

Who should enrol

Those who wish to improve their goal setting and goal achievement capabilities and those who wish to get motivated/re-motivated to achieve their goals. Come on – let’s get creative!

Expected learning outcomes

  • A clearer idea of what success means to you
  • Increased awareness of how people achieve their goals
  • A clearer understanding of how you can use your own experience and the experience of others to become more successful

Tutors: Frances Dredge and Muriel McClymont

Further enquiries
e: muriel@feutraining.org
t: 07914 397243

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