Dealing with bullying and harassment – Nov 21, London

The date and time: Nov 21, 2013; 2-5pm

The venue:
Upper St Martin’s Lane

Tutors: Anne-Marie Quigg (author of Bullying in the Arts) and Piers Jackson

In this three-hour session, we provide information about bullying and harassment at work and explore ways in which individuals can deal with such circumstances if they should arise.

Apply Online by Nov 12, 2013

Workshop Content

Dealing with what is often a sensitive topic for individuals, this workshop aims to provide people with a safe and confidential environment to learn more about bullying and harassment and how to deal with such situations.

A mixture of information provision and discussion, the workshop will provide attendees with the opportunity to share and explore their experiences as part of the learning process as well as work on individual challenges through group exercises. However, nobody is obliged to share their experiences and will be equally welcome to listen and observe if they find this more helpful.

The session includes an overview of the issues relating to bullying and harassment including:

  • The conditions that make bullying and harassment possible
  • The purpose, values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviour that bullies display
  • Why bullies make their choices and what makes them maintain their behaviour
  • Exploration of methods to help break the pattern of bullying.

Who should attend?

Freelances who want to find out more about bullying and harassment and how they can deal with these problems if they arise.

*This session follows our Creating without Conflict conference on Nov 19. You can apply to attend both events. However, preference will be given to those who are only applying to attend this session and those who were unable to get a place at the Nov 19 conference due to excess demand.

Expected learning outcomes

  • A greater awareness of what bullying and harassment entails
  • A better understanding of how to deal with this situation including actions that you can take and where to get further help.

How to Apply

To apply for a place on this free session, fill in the short application form by Nov 12. You will need to register if you have not done so already.

All workshops have been over-subscribed to date so successful applicants will be chosen randomly after the cut-off date. We will let you know if your application has been successful by Nov 13.

Further enquiries
T: 07580 348726

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