Managing Your Business


Time management and social media for creative freelances


1. 10.30am - 11.00am Frances Dredge 

INTRODUCTION AND WELCOME TO THE FEU: meet the team and find out more about the information, advice and guidance available to freelance members.

2. 11.00am - 1.00pm Stuart Worthington

TIME MANAGEMENT: the eternal challenge for anyone working freelance! This session will provide advice and techniques to help you maximize your time and take control. Learn to budget your time, organize tasks, set priorities and manage ‘time bandits’.

3. 1.00pm - 2.00pm


4. 2.00pm-4.00pm Nathalie McDermott

GETTING DEEPER INTO SOCIAL NETWORKS (e.g., Twitter and Facebook): this session will help you identify your aims and blind spots as well as providing ideas as to how to use social media tools. Miranda Gavin will provide a short case study during the session.

NOTE: If you wish to attend this session you will need to sign up to a FEU Facebook page BEFORE the workshop and take part in a discussion. You MUST do the required pre-course activities before you attend the session.

Details will be sent to successful applicants ONE WEEK before the workshop on 16 July.

For information on the tutors, please see the FEU training website ( where profiles will be uploaded before the workshop.


The National Union of Journalists, Equity, the Musicians’ Union and the Writers’ Guild are working together in this instance under the banner of ‘The Federation of Entertainment Unions’. This enables us to maximize resources to deliver skills development opportunities common to our multi-union members.

It’s free to join the FEU Training website and there’s a variety of advice and information available to members.

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*We are currently setting up this year's training programme, so if you would like to attend the above workshop, please register your interest at If we receive sufficient demand, we will set up the course soon.

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