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Undercover (1)

Home and car Insurance is what accountants think is dull. But it is vital that freelance creatives get their insurance right. Even the basics of car and home insurance need to be considered. Iggy Pop famously caused a stink when

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The taxman cometh (4)

Choosing your accountant Choosing the right accountant for you and your business is crucial. You need to be able to trust your accountant to do the best for you, to give you accurate advice and to present your affairs in

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Creative selling (7)

Closing the deal In sales jargon making the sale is called the close. And there are a number of ways you can close a sale. You have to judge which is suitable for each particular situation and each client (on

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Getting paid (1)

Be careful about who you work for Check out all new clients before you start working for them – avoid the pitfalls of working but not getting paid. What could be better than getting a new client, you think. Maybe

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