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Members can view recordings of our previous webinars here.

WEBINAR – Goal Setting for 2018 – 11am, 19 Dec

Get focused and start the New Year with a clear idea of what you want to achieve in the short and longer term and how to stay motivated until you attain your goals.

WEBINAR – Developing Assertiveness – 22 November

Becoming more assertive through clearly expressing your opinions, needs and feelings will help ensure that you build better working relationships. This webinar will share insights and strategies to help you identify and develop assertive behaviour.

WEBINAR – Finance for Freelances (part 1) – 11am, 19 Oct

In this webinar, we’ll take a look at how to define what kind of freelance you are, how tax and National Insurance work, what is meant by tax-deductible expenses and how VAT can affect you.

WEBINAR – Stress busting – 11am, 25 July

Managing your stress levels and getting organised are essential if you are to make the most of the freelance lifestyle. This webinar will help you recognise the typical signs of stress and stay in control.

WEBINAR – Developing Resilience 11am, 28 June

In this webinar, we will share advice and techniques to enable you to develop your resilience in order to deal more effectively with the inevitable setbacks of a creative freelance career.

WEBINAR – Building Confidence – 11am, 26 May

In this webinar, we will share tips and techniques to help you gain and maintain confidence through the vicissitudes of your freelance career.

WEBINAR – Creative Productivity 11am, 20 April

In this webinar we will share tips and strategies to improve your time management, remove distractions and help you zoom through the chores of being a freelance. Turn your To Do list into something you enjoy – and do – instead of just dread.

WEBINAR – Strategies for Success 11am, 24 Jan

This webinar examines some popular strategies and tips that successful people use to achieve what they want in life with the aim of helping you to think about how you can learn from these to support your career progress and gain greater satisfaction from what you do.

WEBINAR – Goal Setting – 12 noon, 30 Nov

Get fired up for 2017 by joining us for this one-hour session in which you will learn some key techniques that will help you set clear goals and stay motivated to achieve them.

WEBINAR – Effective Negotiation – 11am, 31 Oct

Easy to enrol – learn from the comfort of your own computer! 11am to 12 noon, Monday 31 October 2016 Join us for a one-hour online session in which you can learn the essential steps that will help you become