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Developing Assertiveness, London

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Creative Productivity, Newcastle

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How to Shoot and Edit, London

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Finance for Freelances, London

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Driving Traffic to Your Website, London

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Free Workshops

To help you develop your business in good times and bad, we’ve launched a series of FREE one-day workshops throughout the UK. Look out for emails from your unions and from FEU Training. Workshop details below.

Get Noticed – 22 Sept, London

Learn how to stand out from the crowd by writing targeted CVs/career summaries/profiles (whatever format is required) that show why you are the right person for each work opportunity you apply for.

Creative Productivity – 15 Sept, London

Improve your time management, remove distractions and zoom through the chores of being freelance. Turn your To Do list into something you enjoy – and do – instead of just dread. Become the one everybody turns to because you never forget anything and you always deliver.

This workshop will help you understand how you work and what you can do to make better use of your limited time, become more productive and feel in more control.

Marketing your Work – 4 Sept, London

To build a successful freelance career, you need the ability to get what you do under the right people’s noses and present your work in the best possible light. This course will help you gain a clearer understanding of marketing and help you develop your marketing skills.

Motivation Matters – 24 Aug, London

Staying motivated is essential if you’re going to develop a successful freelance career. Whether you’re just starting out and trying to get your foot in the door or a seasoned professional who is aiming to maintain momentum, this one day workshop will help you get and stay motivated so that you realise your creative ambitions.

Dealing with Setbacks – 23 Aug, London

When the going gets tough, the tough get going! But how do they keep going? This is the million-dollar question that we are going to consider. This session will give you some useful strategies and tips to help you deal with setbacks in a more constructive way so that you remain buoyant and keep moving forward towards your goals.

Using data to make more money from freelancing – 9 Aug, Bristol

Find out how to use data to run a more productive and profitable freelance business. This one-day workshop will teach you easy-to-use data analysis techniques to improve your freelance business, including better budgeting of both money and time, assessing risk and increasing income.

Mobile Video Kickstarter – 2nd Aug, Manchester

For Android and iPhone

This one-day workshop will help you unlock the potential of your mobile device (android or iPhone/iPad) as a powerful tool for planning and creating high quality video.

Run a Successful Social Media Campaign – 1st Aug, Manchester

Social media can be a powerful means of getting your message across and raise awareness of what you do. This one-day workshop will take you step-by-step through running a successful campaign.

Effective communication – 28 Jul, London

From convincing someone to commission your work to asking for better terms and conditions, this workshop will help you develop your communication skills so that you achieve better and more consistent results.

Click into Instagram – 26 Jul, Bristol

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms and an effective platform for creative freelances who want to showcase their work to new/wider audiences. This workshop is ideally suited to beginners who want to learn more about and develop their skills to use this increasingly popular social networking app.